Feedwater Activ-Ox Chlorine Dioxide Generator ClO2 Dosing System proves a cut above the rest.

Published: 23rd August 2011
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Over the past few years Feedwater’s patented Activ-Ox system has gone on to be a market leader in the safe and efficient generation of chlorine dioxide for many years now. With the launch of the Activ-Ox 2000 Compact dosing system Feedwater claimed to have the most cost effective chlorine dioxide generator on the market to date and an important tool in their arsenal in the fight against deadly Legionnaires’ Disease.

Chlorine dioxide is often referred to as "the perfect biocide" with its unique combination of powerful oxidising capabilities and remarkable selectivity. This has allowed ClO2 to no longer simply be a niche disinfectant or biocide as it is now more widely being applied in the fight against bacteriological and microbial problems which come with the use of water in a broad range of industrial settings as well as some commercial applications. Its uses can range from simple disinfection of drinking water, to the more commercial outlets such as sanitisation in food and beverage applications in areas such as breweries and dairies. In more recent times it use has been broadened to the control of legionella bacteria in the domestic water in hospitals, hotels and other building services applications.

What is it about Activ-Ox that is so different to other chlorine dioxide systems? The Managing Director of Feedwater Tim Parkinson explains: "Chlorine Dioxide is a great biocide, disinfectant and sanitiser but you can’t buy a drum of it. It is in fact an unstable gas which has to be generated at point of use and dissolved in water to be able to work. This means that you need what is called a "chlorine dioxide generator", which are complex dosing systems which have traditionally been expensive to buy and operate, unreliable and used hazardous chemicals.

A traditional chlorine dioxide generator often takes several hours to produce its full yield of chlorine dioxide which means that the generator reactor vessel has to hold a significant volume of extremely hazardous chlorine dioxide gas whilst the chemical reaction completes. A traditional chlorine dioxide generator is in essence a mini chemical production plant which should only really be used by a competent operator, but what we were seeing was that these specialist pieces of kit were finding their way into all kinds of applications for which they were not suited.

When we saw the potential for chlorine dioxide to control legionella in buildings to help prevent Legionnaires’ Disease, we recognised the need for a safe, efficient process for generating ClO2 that could be used by the non-specialist.

So we developed the patented Activ-Ox process which enables us to produce an incredible 95% chlorine dioxide yield instantly, dissolved directly in the water to be treated, using low hazard chemicals. Being able to produce chlorine dioxide instantly, on demand like that has enabled us to produce a much simpler and safer chlorine dioxide generator, indeed we actually dislike using the term "generator" because that suggests complexity and prefer to refer to it simply as a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) dosing system, because simplicity and safety go hand in hand.

We’ve been supplying Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide dosing systems for well over a decade now and with the new Activ-Ox 2000 Compact dosing system we aim bring the unique biocidal properties of chlorine dioxide to the smaller user such as nursing homes, office blocks and smaller hotels who have traditionally been put off by cost or safety concerns. We believe it is the simplest, safest and most cost effective chlorine dioxide dosing system on the market. So whether you want to treat a few litres of water or thousands of cubic metres per day we now have an Activ-Ox chlorine dioxide solution for you"

Feedwater has been a leading UK based, Water Treatment Company since 1976 well established in the areas in Industrial Water Treatment Chlorine Dioxide generators (dosing systems) as well as cooling and boiler water treatment. Winner of 2 SMART Awards for innovation and with over 30 years of leadership and experience in industrial and commercial water treatment, Feedwater has been helping prevent Legionnaires' disease before most organisations had even heard of it.

For more information please visit http://www.feedwater.co.uk/chlorine-dioxide-generators.php

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